Monday, January 01, 2007


I'm working on putting my life on a timeline to help me bookmark my memories. I'll occasionally come back here to add stuff, reword stuff, etc.

learned to walk
learned to talk
potty trained

played Atari at my babysitter's and Nintendo at home
I named the light at the bottom of the stairs "the moon" at my babysitter.

hey, I like girls!
graduted from grade school
started high school

learned to drive
graduated from high school
started college

graduated from college
moved to kc
got a good, geeky job
started putting 15% into a 401k
paid off student loans
went vegan
my job sent me to Las Vegas and lots of small towns
spent a week in London

bought a condo
started maxing out a Roth IRA
went to Seattle, Toronto, and Nigra Falls
changed careers at my employer doing internal, geeky training

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